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Barbie Celebrates 50 Years with Christian Louboutin October 19, 2009

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Photo via Mattel

Photo via Mattel

This year, the greatest fashion diva of all time celebrates 50 years of greatness.  What better way to celebrate than to have one of the greatest shoe designers, Christian Louboutin, customize an entire collection of shoes for you?

Toy mogul Mattel teamed up with Louboutin for a year long collaboration to produce one life size doll, three customized dolls, a collection of accessories, a Barbie diary, and a Barbie-pink shoe (that can fit a human’s foot) which premiered in February at Fashion Week in New York.

The three customized dolls, retailing at $150 each, have three themes: Jewelry Heist to debut in December, Safari in February, and a Barbie attending the Cannes Film Festival in May.  Louboutin says he gained his inspiration from Nefertiti and Marilyn Monroe.  The dolls will come in Louboutin shoe boxes with four shoes each, for the dolls of course.

Barbie’s diary entitled “My Year in Paris with Christian Louboutin” will be sold with the Jewelry Heist doll and separately for $40.  The diary contains the life of Barbie, her lifestyle, and pictures of Barbie and Louboutin walking the streets of Paris.

Barbie collectors and her fans can purchase the collectibles at and  In September, launched a Louboutin 12-pair shoe collection for $40 a set.  Unless you have the shoe size of 1″, your Barbie doll will have one of the fiercest, limited-edition shoes ever.


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