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Gilly Hicks Australia October 22, 2009

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gillyhicks Ladies, I give you: Gilly Hicks.

The cousin and side brand of Abercrombie & Fitch has been around for years, but is only offered in certain malls, in certain regions, and certain states.  But don’t fret my pet, you can visit them online and order everything.

Something like a Victoria’s Secret, Gilly Hicks Australia offers body products, underwear, and lounge-wear for women.  Their signature scent is incredible; I was literally squeezing my lotion bottle until ALL its contents were gone.

Their underwear and bras come in soft cottons and lace, and are separated into two categories: Down Undies and Intimates.  The website even offers a bra-library where women can browse GH’s entire bra selection by size and silhouette.  Another “little” thing I found that branded the bras and undies?  The garments smell like the GH’s signature fragrance, even after a few washes.  (It’s the little things that count.)

gillyhicks3Even if you’re not a fan of Abercrombie, I encourage you to look into Gilly Hicks.  I use to be a VS girl, but after being introduced to Gilly; I am now a “Gilly Girl” and have never looked back.

Ryan V 3- Gilly Hicks

Justyna Paszkiewicz @ Marilyn- Gilly Hiks


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