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Perfect Your Manicure October 24, 2009

Filed under: Motley Fashions — Courtney Michelle @ 11:53 PM

OPI SephoraWomen are starting to get rid of acrylic nails and stick to their naturals.  However, these women often don’t know which products help strengthen their nails after removal.  Well, here are my top picks and they have been proven to work.

OPI and cosmetic guru Sephora collaborated early this year, offering exclusive colors and merchandise only sold at Sephora stores; Sephora by OPI.   The brand offers a complete treatment collection (below) and manicure set (right); that includes a top coat, base coat, quick dry drops, and more.

The manicure kit is currently available for $32 at

Treatment Collection


Personally I use Nail Tek and Essie products because they offer simple protein treatments that are applied daily, strengthening once brittle nails.

I also found that while using Nail Tek, my nail polish lasts longer and the nail lacquer color is what it is suppose to be.  Although there are “steps” to the complete program and can seem intimidating, it is quite easy and well worth it.

nail tekhydracreme-nail tek


One Response to “Perfect Your Manicure”

  1. Amirah Jameelah Says:

    I love OPI and Sephora!! I’m wayyy too excited that they have a collaboration!! ((on my way to get the set NOW!))

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