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VS Fashion Show November 29, 2009

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‘Tis that time of year! When beautiful Victoria Secret models are half naked in VS lingerie for one of the biggest shows of the year.

Airing on CBS Tuesday at 10/9 pm (central) and held in New York City, publicity has been more than I’ve ever seen.  Personally I think the VS Fashion show is for men and I’m quite certain the viewers fit that demographic.  NFL Sunday was chock-full of comercials for the runway show and came equip with an angel on the panel of “football experts” talking stats.

If you ask me? Brilliant marketing.  You know the men are already tuning in, why not have it embedded in their brains by airing all your pub on the day men won’t even leave the house because they’re watching games all day.

Don’t get me wrong, the ladies are getting a good show too.  Fabulous corsets, gorgeous back drops, unreal costumes, and our fave top models who started as angels make guest appearances.  I hear Iman is suppose to sneak in.  Performances from the Black Eyed Peas are also on deck; and I can guarantee Fergie will be in VS lingerie.  There’s also a model search and two lucky ladies will get the opportunity for runway time.  I’ll be tuned in, and with the late night air time, we hope the kiddies will be in bed so there will be no outraged parents screaming about something that requires a little parenting on their part. ~ C.M.


Givency Leather Gifts November 27, 2009

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Leather goods are the best gifts to receive and give during the holidays; everyone loves it, the look never goes out of style, and it will last forever!

A few goodies I spotted from Givency include this ankle,  buckle bootie.  Made of Calf leather in Italy with a cap toe, this double strapped- cone heel beauty would make a lovey home in my closet.  I really love how the shaft around the ankle is a little wider too, with a slight flare.

Or how about this Pebble Nightingale Satchel? Top zip closure, Givency logo embellished leather handles, and removable strap.  Made in Italy with interior pockets for convenient storage

This chocolate brown Pandora Billy Messenger Bag also caught my eye.  Complete with double top zip closures, ostrich leather handle, removable shoulder strap, inside zipper pockets, and canvas lining; this baby looks like it could be unisex compatible.


Women’s ToyWatch November 15, 2009

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I don’t wear watches, but it seems that now that I have places to go, one is needed.  I stumbled across this little number for ladies.  hhmmmmm….possibly.




Tip-Toe Through Tulips

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Loubie FlowerThis new arrival from Christian Louboutin– the Dillian has me weak!!  Floral inspired, maryjane platform reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Lola bottle.  Made in Italy of Nappa leather, including the lining, these babies are stun-ning.

Loubie Flower-3

Loubie Flower-2

christian louboutin floral- plushAlso Available in Plush and Chocolate


FUBU Expected to Return

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Established in 1992 in Hollis, Queens, FUBU was the outbreak line representing African Americans- or so we thought.

Remember those t-shirts with the “FB” logo were the must-have item in the ’90’s? Rap phenom L.L. Cool J was a spokesperson and there was even an LP released for the label sake. So one must ask after a company grosses over $350 million, known throughout the hip-hop industry; what the hell happened?

An acronym meaning For Us By Us, the label was established to be on the level of NIKE- a company that was mandatory in the the inner streets of (any city) New York. The founders, including Daymond John, believed that Nike was a great company but didn’t do much to give back to the African American community. Controversy surrounding its name became known that the label was discriminate to non-African Americans, but aren’t the majority of the successful fashion labels created today by Caucasians and very rarely fit the body-types of non-African Americans?

navy pin-stripe

For Spring 2010, the label is adding suits and tuxedos to its already established, casual t-shirt and jeans designs. My question would be (and is), will the public and demographic they are trying to reach respond the way they did in the 90’s? If my memory serves me right, there was a rumor saying the name of the label did not fit it’s original plans and was not fully owned by African Americans- which made many not respect the label. Not to mention evolving past Fat Albert and Harlem Globetrotters inspired clothing.

None the less, we’re talking about a company that did have the means of expansion, earning an investment from Samsung in the 90’s. Will their suits make the cut? With ready-to-wear evolving past jerseys, John says he wishes to aim to a younger crowd with price points around $65, “Carhartt-meets-Abercrombie & Fitch”.

hmmmm… I’ll be idle-by watching with a sharp eye and having my hand out to feel these fabrics in the Spring. Hey, Phat Farm‘s trying it, at what point do we support our own? But really the public has to decide: has the label “died out”? Time will tell. ~ C.M.

Fubu Choco

chocolate pin-stripe


Balenciaga Sunglasses November 14, 2009

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Balenciaga Shades

This season Balenciaga captured the perfect shade for what I had plan to do this summer: sixties glamor.  The ultimate shade you wear with a fabulous scarf ! Very vintage and Jackie-Oish.

My fave of the bunch was a light metal frame with round lenses, subtle “Balenciaga” logo on the temple, and available in pink; the trend my be to dress like a man but these glasses are all feminine.



Balenciaga Boat-Boot November 13, 2009

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Balenciaga boat boot-2Around this time every year I fall in love with Balenciaga, most importantly with their shoes.  I’ve had my eye on these ankle boat boots- made in Italy with soft leather, belted top-line, and rubber sole; they are well worth the price! I have no idea what my obsession is with boat shoes, but these satisfy that craving.

Also available in bone white