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VS Fashion Show November 29, 2009

Filed under: Motley Fashions — Courtney Michelle @ 4:35 PM

‘Tis that time of year! When beautiful Victoria Secret models are half naked in VS lingerie for one of the biggest shows of the year.

Airing on CBS Tuesday at 10/9 pm (central) and held in New York City, publicity has been more than I’ve ever seen.  Personally I think the VS Fashion show is for men and I’m quite certain the viewers fit that demographic.  NFL Sunday was chock-full of comercials for the runway show and came equip with an angel on the panel of “football experts” talking stats.

If you ask me? Brilliant marketing.  You know the men are already tuning in, why not have it embedded in their brains by airing all your pub on the day men won’t even leave the house because they’re watching games all day.

Don’t get me wrong, the ladies are getting a good show too.  Fabulous corsets, gorgeous back drops, unreal costumes, and our fave top models who started as angels make guest appearances.  I hear Iman is suppose to sneak in.  Performances from the Black Eyed Peas are also on deck; and I can guarantee Fergie will be in VS lingerie.  There’s also a model search and two lucky ladies will get the opportunity for runway time.  I’ll be tuned in, and with the late night air time, we hope the kiddies will be in bed so there will be no outraged parents screaming about something that requires a little parenting on their part. ~ C.M.


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