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Jason Wu December 22, 2009

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The name may not ring a bell, but when you hear “Michelle Obama’s inaugural dress” it’s- “Oh Yeah!”

Once considered a “local” designer, Jason Wu has literally blossomed over night. But is it really blossoming if you have already been making fabulous clothes? I suppose that’s the point of a good designer (and any other profession in the fashion industry for that matter)- to be discovered. I’ve heard reports say he is a Chicago designer, but in-fact Wu was born in Taiwan and is based in Manhattan; being educated around the world, including Tokyo and Paris.

Wu got that chance during the Obama campaign days, designing for the First Lady and becoming one of her top favorite designers- being seen (taped and photographed) numerous times in his pieces. And he has earned the right to be. Going from designing outfits for dolls to producing dresses for real-life ones, Wu’s got real talent. What I really love? He still designs for dolls; including a collab with drag-queen phenom RuPaul.

Take a look at some pieces from his Pre-Fall collection. ~ C.M.

The material on this dress is bananas!


Donna Karen

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You know, Donna Karen may not be your favorite designer; but she’s been around long enough to be called the First Lady of fashion.  When it comes to her new Pre-Fall collection, I think you would agree with me.  Karen uses draping, folding, and twisting to tell her story; which leaked to her DKNY ready-to-wear collection as well.

But the real looks that have caught my eye are her leather jackets.   The following on the left from Karen’s Pre-Fall 2010 collection; and on the right, from Resort 2010.  The silhouettes are amazing and I love what she does with the fabric; reshaping with ruching and subtle folds.  I don’t know what she’s doing differently, but I like it. ~ C.M.


Last Minute Gifts Under $100 for her

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This season has been crazy for the retail world; the recession is one thing, but the nasty weather has permitted some from going outside.  With people needing last minute gifts and online shopping being the last resort with over-night shipping, here are a few gifts under 100 bucks.

Gifts for Her*

Kate Spade Big Apple wallet- available in four colors  $95.00

Dolce & Gabbana Collection Eau de toilette set- includes one of each of the five sprays from the new collection $65.00

Lola Marc Jacobs gift set- 1.7 oz & shower gel $70.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs croc-skin pouch- logo lined $68.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs key, leather pouch- logo lined $68.00

Nixon stainless steel, polyurethane band watch $55.00


Last Minute Gifts Under $100 for him

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Here are a few items for Him*

Marc by Marc Jacobs money clip- silver tone $68.00

Junk Food NFL Team t-shirts- available at Bloomingdale’s $36.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs checkered boxers- two in a set $28.00

Philippi Equipe alarm clock with leather travel case- available at Saks 5th Avenue $44.00

Timex plastic, neon watch $50.00

The Art of Shaving- 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave kit- lemon. Products prevent in-grown hairs & razor burn; mild enough for sensitive skin.  Pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after shave balm, and shaving brush available at Bloomingdale’s $100.00


McQueen vs. Madden December 21, 2009

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The worst possible thing that could happen to someone is having an idea, creating it, selling the product; then having a copy made by another individual and sold for profit. Popular, name brand designers have had to deal with the threat of knock-offs…well, forever.

Talented (and slightly off) designer Alexander McQueen is suing retailer Steve Madden for Copy & Design Infringement.

In January 2009 McQueen released the “Faithful” leather bootie- inspired by a motorcycle jacket, made of black leather with an open toe and leather jacket-inspired design elements. Shortly after, Madden released a similar shoe, described as a “studied imitation”, which looks exactly like the “Faithful” bootie. McQueen quickly filed suit for Design Infringement October 1, 2009 after a “cease and desist” letter that was sent to Madden from McQueen’s lawyers went unanswered in September.

McQueen “Faithful” bootie on the left, Madden on the right.

The shoe is covered under the Copyright Act: it is a published “creative work” and a tangible form of expression. Madden copied the entire shoe from top to bottom; the only thing not copied was the Alexander McQueen logo on the zipper. According to court documents, the McQueen original gained recognition after being spotted on the feet of celeb women such as Rihanna, an Olson twin, and others.

It is Team McQueen’s belief that Madden had the intent to sell and capitalize off the popularity of the shoe due to commercial exposure. McQueen is seeking injunction, barring Madden from selling the items. (It seems they need to go after Aldo as well, I seen a look-a-like pair there a few weeks ago.) In the suit documents, McQueen is suing for infringement on trade of the dress, profits of wrongful acts plus interest, delivery of infringing goods for destruction, legal fees, and relief.

Sometimes I wonder if designers use it as a compliment; Karl Lagerfeld is constantly being knocked-off. He says he uses it as a form of flattery and uses that push to produce the next thing to be on top of the totem pole. In the case of knock-offs, high-end designers would be suing the pants off everyone. However, Madden does do a knock-off every-now-and-then with a slight twist; but these boots are an exact replica. If one was not use to looking at the quality of leather, he or she would never know the difference.

Sheesh! You may think you’re getting a steal with the knock-off, but it seems Madden is going to be the one to pay the ultimate price. ~ C.M.

Peep the matching McQueen bag to the Faithful bootie. HOT.


Jimmy Choo for H&M baguette December 20, 2009

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While on Michigan Ave a few days ago, I dropped into H&M and stumbled across this leather, Jimmy Choo baguette.  Since the collaboration, everything has been sold out, but a few left-overs.  Apologies for the blur; iPhone’s are amazing, but their cameras- not so much.

The point is: this small bag is fabulous.  Black, cream, and navy blue in color, soft leather body, studded-flap closure, and a short gold-chain handle- I was thiiisss close to purchasing it.  Retailing at about $100, I’d say it was worth it.


Chloe Bootie

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Drooling over these Chloe lace-up ankle boots.  For Spring 2010, Chloe’s collection featured a lot of browns, creams, and whites- including the high-top wedge.   No seriously.  They need to be in my closet, I can literally see them on my feet.

Perfectly paired with this Spring runway look- I’d call it a day.