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Cardigans! December 18, 2009

Filed under: Men's Fall 2010 — Courtney Michelle @ 3:05 AM

You may call ’em corny, but I call them fabulous.  Love seeing men in cardigans; they add that little extra something to your look- one of the best layering pieces EVER!  Not quite a sweater, but slightly thicker than a long-sleeve tee; a cardigan is essential for spring and fall.

Men’s designer Modern Amusement seems to have perfected the look (in my opinion).  Their cardigans and sweaters almost look effortless- “oh yeah, I meant for it to fall loosely at my waist.”

Or you could take the classic, “All-American” approach with a cashmere- J. Crew version.  (This one retailing at only $69.00 at!)   Or you could further your prep with a Ralph Lauren Polo– Olympic Games shawl cardigan.  There’s one to match your every mood; classic to dapper, and often available in a number of colors. ~ C.M.


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