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CK Jeans Body December 19, 2009

Filed under: Motley Fashions — Courtney Michelle @ 11:54 PM
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I seen this ad a few months ago for Calvin Klein’s new denim line- CK Jeans Body.

The new line of denim is meant to enhance the body and its shape; thus the racy campaign ads.  It seems the marketing gurus took it back to the 90’s and pulled the sex card.  In today’s world, I assume its not so frowned upon: sex most-definitely sells.

Every pose and the lines of the ad  were continuous curves.  Oiled bodies, shirtless models, and a gorgeous Eva Mendes are the opening campaigns.  It’s already been assumed Mendes is a Klein favorite, she’s always in his pieces on and off the red carpet.

Items on the cite include sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies- classic CK wear, but with a lower price point.   A few male consumers boast the jeans gave them the feeling of confidence and gave their…”twins” for lack of a better word, more support and comfort in the crotch area.  Businesses have gone into padding things such as corsets, jeans and pants with butt pads to enhance parts of the body.  The trend went from being as thin as a rail, to giving one the illusion you have curves.  Non the less, I’m anxious to see what Body is about.  Currently the site offers gifts for under $100-50. ~ C.M.


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