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Prints for Chicks January 31, 2010

Okay, okay- the trend this year is prints, WE GET IT.  The only catch is that not every woman is meant to wear them and although designers are making beautiful garments that look perfect on the hanger, once it reaches the body….not so much.

Take this Just Cavalli, leopard print pencil skirt for example. Gorgeous. However, take a closer look at the stomach area:

To me, it is not flattering; imagine if you weren’t a size 2! The eye is drawn to her stomach.  And look from the back:

The seams are at a curve to go along with the frame of the body, however her bum looks like a square.  Now I’m not sure if that’s a personal problem, or if the skirt itself is just not flattering.  I’ll go with the latter.  The ruching and gathering in the front is distracting.  Pencil skirts are already shaky, but if you go with a printed number; make sure you choose wisely on the prints, where the pattern falls on the body, and the fit is right for your body type.

Another example of a printed beauty not meant for everyone: the Alexander McQueen silk chiffon dress below.  Paisley print strapless, pleated bodice, with an empire waist, interior hardware, padding, and boning for support in the bust. I love this dress; can see it flowing with the wind while walking.  But the model has a 24in waist and she looks slightly pregnant; that’s the problem with empire waists as well. Unless you’re as thin as a twig, I wouldn’t recommend this particular dress.

“S”-shaped silhouette dresses are (typically) ideal for all body types.  Beneath the A. McQueen is a floral Diane Von Furstenberg, strapless piece; and a striped, slightly pleated, high-waist Marc Jacobs skirt.  In my opinion, both can be worn to disguise those unwanted layers and create a silhouette.  Careful not to wear flats with these looks though; that could make some legs appear stubby.  ~C.M.



Smooth Co. January 21, 2010

Everyone loves an effortless button-up in their wardrobe and The Smooth Company has produced some of my favorites.  Clean, relaxed looks walked the runways for Spring and Fall 2010; it’s only right to have something timeless in your closet, while adding a twist to shake things up.  That doesn’t mean pair a button-up with jeans, a fadora, and camel-pointed toed shoes (I’ve seen that way too many times)- how about a nice leather?  A hint of color? Skulls and bones need-not apply.  This Southern Cali based brand knows how to take it from the beach to the city without doing the most at a very affordble price. ~C.M.


Missoni January 19, 2010

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Designer and knitwear connoisseur Missoni created something…special (again) for Pre-Fall 2010. There’s an alluring look that draws me to Missoni – the femininity, corkiness, and layering are just a few adjectives to describe my feelings.

The designer House based in Milan, Italy began as a manufacturer of textiles and knits, but has expanded into a complete conglomerate over the years- including a soon-to-open hotel chain: Hotel Missoni in 2012. In 1998 the brand launched M. Missoni, a less expensive line, which could not have come at a better time during this economic crisis. For Pre-Fall, Anglea Missoni stuck to the roots of the label, playing with geometric shapes and never shying away from color usage. Let’s face it, she’s the layering queen; something like Hobo-Chic. Raw material usage including wool, cotton, silk, and linen; Missoni will never change. On the contrary, they can only be more innovative and evolve. Just check out those leggings and shoulder-length gloves! ~C.M.



Taste the Rainbow January 17, 2010

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Christian Louboutin has given us some beauties and a few wild ones, but this spring, he’s managed to mix both into two I’ve had my eye on.  The catch?  Can’t find the names or locations of them- found both when doing a little research.  Think you can help me out? Take a look…


Burberry Prorsum January 16, 2010

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Burberry Prorsum produced a delightful collection for Spring 2010; demure pastels, a trench for every look, and tops that resembled fashionable straitjackets.

The models creeped me out a bit (lol) but the garments made for a great distraction.  One of the trends spotted on the runway?  Prints.  Designers are going in on the print trend for men, the question is: will it be accepted?  Not by all, but those with confidence and are secure in their man-hood may just give it a try.

Matthew Willamson, who normally sticks to women’s wear; recently launched his new men’s wear collection, that was chuck-full of bright hues and printed scarves.  Alexander McQueen snuck a few into his spring collection as well- they’re everywhere.

Leopard print though? For da guys??  Hmmmm…. Hey, Burberry knows best. ~C.M.

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Shop For A Cause January 13, 2010

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In November 2009, Jimmy Choo teamed up with the Elton John AIDS Foundation for Project PEP– a line focused on fighting for a cure and looking fabulous.

It seems the project was fitting for Jimmy Choo, a label that has always been for the empowerment of women and women’s rights.  With a rock star-themed motif, 25% of sells will support and fund the Simelela Rape Center in South Africa.

The mission was established in 2008 for victims of abuse; to administer patients with HIV, PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) medication and to provide medical, counseling, and legal support. ~C.M.

Here’s a few of the pieces.  Product is now available at Jimmy Choo boutiques and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Cuff Bracelet

This wallet is my favorite piece. Like, I believe I want it.


reMade USA January 9, 2010

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As everyone continues to jump on the bandwagon of going green, designers are using more organic and eco-friendly materials.

Shannon Smith on the other hand has taken “recycling” to all new heights. Studying in New York and London, Smith became a creator of “physical objects” that people could admire and cherish. After purchasing a leather jacket at Salvation Army, Smith became obsessed with working with details of (leather) jackets and making them into bags. With that, reMade USA was born. San Fransisco based, Smith felt reMade should be produced locally and out of upcycled materials; “In the end, I am trying to lead a life of authenticity and responsibility, doing what I love and attempting to be as good as possible.”

Available in two collections: ready-to-wear and One-offs- limited editions bags that have their own serial number and exclusive appeal. Linings are made of vintage scarves and the option of creating your own bag with your own jacket and materials through special orders. Slight imperfections may be present, but that’s the beauty of it! ~ C.M.

reMade USA is now offered at Barney’s CO-OP and on their website

recycled leather jacket tote, also available in black $375