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reMade USA January 9, 2010

Filed under: Motley Fashions,Trend Watch — Courtney Michelle @ 12:39 AM

As everyone continues to jump on the bandwagon of going green, designers are using more organic and eco-friendly materials.

Shannon Smith on the other hand has taken “recycling” to all new heights. Studying in New York and London, Smith became a creator of “physical objects” that people could admire and cherish. After purchasing a leather jacket at Salvation Army, Smith became obsessed with working with details of (leather) jackets and making them into bags. With that, reMade USA was born. San Fransisco based, Smith felt reMade should be produced locally and out of upcycled materials; “In the end, I am trying to lead a life of authenticity and responsibility, doing what I love and attempting to be as good as possible.”

Available in two collections: ready-to-wear and One-offs- limited editions bags that have their own serial number and exclusive appeal. Linings are made of vintage scarves and the option of creating your own bag with your own jacket and materials through special orders. Slight imperfections may be present, but that’s the beauty of it! ~ C.M.

reMade USA is now offered at Barney’s CO-OP and on their website

recycled leather jacket tote, also available in black $375


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