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Nike Foamposite February 4, 2010

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In 1999, Nike released the infamous Foamposite basketball sneaker to mixed reviews. Some hate it, while others love it. So now to come in 2010; the Copper editions. Wale has been spotted rockin’ them far in advance. Sneaker-heads are oogling on the internet for them; tweeting and blogging almost everyday until their release on February 13th. (Welp! As of February 4th, the latest news- there is no longer a release date for the highly anticipated sneaker.  NikeTown in Chicago says theirs will be released when they receive their full shipment. ~ edited Feb.4, 2010)

But of course there’s always a con (can’t always be bias) – there are men, actual basketball players who hate the shoe. I’ve had one of my friends who coaches ask me NOT to make this post, followed by an impromptu “yuck” when the shoe was mentioned. The new design does seem a bit more bulky than its predecessor; but the technology should still be as lightweight. (Personally I wouldn’t know, I’m a woman and have not owned a pair.)

Foamposite technology’s main ingredient: polyurethane. The poly helps to form and fit the grain of the foot, offering complete comfort and support. Original model came equip with a zipper front for stability- something like a glove. Similar to one of the original color-ways, the beginning of 2009 offered the Eggplant Foamposites.

While I was at Nike Town in Chicago, I paired these babies with a pair of sweats, a vest, and a hoodie- real casual. Post-ballin. Plus it’s cold in the Chi. I digress. The point I’m trying to make is; the Eggplants were suppose to be one of a kind and come forth in a time when classic b-ball shoes were missing; in an era of fakes and knock-offs. Now they are to be re-released in March, depleting the idea of exclusivity. Not to mention that gel bottom, I’ve owned many a Nike with a clear bottom and they always end up yellow. Personally, I think the shoe will still sell and you can guarantee the Coppers will be sold out. But I prefer the originals.  ~C.M.


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  1. Donovan Jemison Says:

    I LOVE this, Good job!

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