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WHO IS BORTY? October 16, 2009


I am Courtney Michelle: Visual Communicator and Stylist.

BORTY’S WORLD = My friends often call me “Bortney” or “Borty” (for some odd reason) and the world that I live in is all about style.  I’m obsessed with, *sigh* would love to work for them someday.

Welcome to my world.  Here you will find the hottest and latest designs from every designer who ever used a sewing machine or picked up a pencil to sketch a design.  Through my eyes you will see what true style is about.


PS: I write ALL the material you’ll see here


4 Responses to “WHO IS BORTY?”

  1. Trey Hartley Says:

    Very proud of you lil sis.


  2. Sheek Says:

    Nice babygirllll

  3. chi towns very own Says:

    its iiaght I guess…….hey Court!!!

  4. naomi Says:

    hi, I miss u emeail sometime

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