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Make A Splash In Tokidoki March 14, 2010

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You may have seen Tokidoki and it’s cute character’s around on LeSportsac bags over the past few years, but now the brand has broken away and is releasing things on it’s own. 

Tokidoki, meaning sometimes in Japanese, was created by Simone Legno in 2005- consisting of garments, vinyl toys, as well as collaborations with Hello Kitty and Marvel (comics) most recently.  The characters are a nod to the Legno’s love for the Japanese; one that I can say that I share. 

I own a few Tokidoki pieces and these rain boots would be an adorable addition.  Retailing (depending where you look) at about $60, they won’t break the bank either. ~C.M.


Steven Shein March 10, 2010

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Los Angeles based, fashion accessories designer Steven Shein has become the new man I love in my life.  I just copped this bitten apple necklace in Chicago a little over a week ago and I can already picture what it will look like this summer.

There are so many pieces in his new collection that I want, I don’t even know which one to buy first!  I’m hoping they’ll say, “You know what, this chick’s buying maaad items, let’s cut her a deal.”  But I know that’d be wishful thinking *sigh*. 

I digress.  Steven Shein has been hunted down by the Hollywood glitterati; seen on everyone from Avril Lavigne to Mischa Barton and anyone in-between.  His line is considered “urban” (whatever that means), but  Shein just calls it “fresh”.  That it is- my apple necklace is sure to be ripe on these up-and-coming warm days. ~C.M. 

Peep these other pieces I’ve got my eye on.  There are a few more, but I can’t have you guys knowing all my moves.



Mini-phrase necklaces $39

“Money Over Bitches” ring $19

Peace on Earth ring $19

Mark Deco Bangle $45 



Who Knew? March 5, 2010

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While I’m out and about, I like to take pics of things I find; the main reason why I created a blog.  I collect all these images, yet I never have anything to do with them. 

Any who; was walking in the mall passing Bakers and something caught my eye.  In the past my knowledge of Bakers has been vague, but I noticed they now carry more brands that one would find at say, a Macy’s.  The little lovely to the left; gray suede upper, cream leather- cross straps and flower applique, peep toe, with a zip closure in back was what made me actually walk into the store.  Guess what brand they were…. *drum roll*… Dereon.

That’s right.  I honestly couldn’t believe it myself. The ready-to-wear line created by Beyonce and her mother in 2006 has left me disappointed.  However after seeing this shoe I got to thinking; could they have gotten the hint? Did someone whisper something in their ears?  If that person was me I’d say: “Hey B, maybe instead of going the Baby Phat route, perhaps you should think Jessica Simpson-esque.”  This shoe seems to follow that path (only in this color-way unfortunately).  For about $80, you can have the look for less.  Let’s make a whole fit of it:


Pair with this sweater dress from Forever 21 for $20 and a sweet little cardigan- and you’ve got yourself a lovely, fresh spring look.  ~C.M.


Taste the Rainbow January 17, 2010

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Christian Louboutin has given us some beauties and a few wild ones, but this spring, he’s managed to mix both into two I’ve had my eye on.  The catch?  Can’t find the names or locations of them- found both when doing a little research.  Think you can help me out? Take a look…


Alexander Wang shoulder bag January 5, 2010

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Love bags from Wang, and this Brenda Wash joint is at the top of my list. As we continue to re-visit the 90’s, shoulder bags and distressed denim are back in- although not for everyone. Black denim-leather sack with multiple pockets, top zip, mesh chain-strap, and fabric interior with leather lining. ooooowweeee


TOMS ~ Give A Little January 4, 2010

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TOMS, the all-American, California-based shoe company established in 2006 has blossomed into a huge conglomerate.  With their non-profit subsidiary company, Friends of TOMS; when a pair is purchased, a child in need receives a pair of shoes.  During 2009, TOMS had the goal to donate over 300,000 pairs of shoes to those in need.

Lightweight, flat, and comfortable- the shoe design is based off espadrilles from the Pyrenees.  Like the originals, TOMS are often made of canvas, cotton, with a rubber sole.

I NEED this pair!  High-top, Botas- wax canvas with fleece lining; perfect for the current weather. Love the colors.  Knowing that I’m supporting a good cause, for $86 – they’re worth it.


Jimmy Choo for H&M baguette December 20, 2009

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While on Michigan Ave a few days ago, I dropped into H&M and stumbled across this leather, Jimmy Choo baguette.  Since the collaboration, everything has been sold out, but a few left-overs.  Apologies for the blur; iPhone’s are amazing, but their cameras- not so much.

The point is: this small bag is fabulous.  Black, cream, and navy blue in color, soft leather body, studded-flap closure, and a short gold-chain handle- I was thiiisss close to purchasing it.  Retailing at about $100, I’d say it was worth it.