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Maison Martin Margiela February 8, 2010

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Martin Margiela is one of the fashion industry’s best kept secrets and slowly becoming one of my faves. Not only because we share the same birthday, but the fact that he’s so discrete; he’s never taken a photograph and stays behind the scenes at his fashion shows. Models float down the runway masked for his collection in 2009 and he’s created shades that look like they’ll censor out your entire face. Similar to what  those old ladies wear in Florida when there’s too much sun.

The Belgian fashion designer worked under the wing of Jean Paul Gaultier; later becoming creative director for Hermes women’s wear. (Excuse my PC, it doesn’t add accent marks) With that being said; Prada, Gucci, LV, and Ferragamo are not the only expensive footwear on the market fellas. Check out these; Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 high-top sneaker and loafer.


Smooth Co. January 21, 2010

Everyone loves an effortless button-up in their wardrobe and The Smooth Company has produced some of my favorites.  Clean, relaxed looks walked the runways for Spring and Fall 2010; it’s only right to have something timeless in your closet, while adding a twist to shake things up.  That doesn’t mean pair a button-up with jeans, a fadora, and camel-pointed toed shoes (I’ve seen that way too many times)- how about a nice leather?  A hint of color? Skulls and bones need-not apply.  This Southern Cali based brand knows how to take it from the beach to the city without doing the most at a very affordble price. ~C.M.


Cardigans! December 18, 2009

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You may call ’em corny, but I call them fabulous.  Love seeing men in cardigans; they add that little extra something to your look- one of the best layering pieces EVER!  Not quite a sweater, but slightly thicker than a long-sleeve tee; a cardigan is essential for spring and fall.

Men’s designer Modern Amusement seems to have perfected the look (in my opinion).  Their cardigans and sweaters almost look effortless- “oh yeah, I meant for it to fall loosely at my waist.”

Or you could take the classic, “All-American” approach with a cashmere- J. Crew version.  (This one retailing at only $69.00 at!)   Or you could further your prep with a Ralph Lauren Polo– Olympic Games shawl cardigan.  There’s one to match your every mood; classic to dapper, and often available in a number of colors. ~ C.M.


Suit Up

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Photo: Matthew Sandagar

You can tell a lot about a man by his clothing choices; so why not choose one that oozes style?  For fall 2010, it’s all about “suiting-up”, literally.

Designers, and apparently film makers, have been in a 1930’s mood- and you know what, I couldn’t be happier.  There’s something about the fashions of the 30’s  I absolutely love, especially during the Harlem Renaissance.

Photo via Mirrorpix

Tailored paints and jackets lay perfectly on the body; not being “tight”, but “fitted”.  Seriously, what’s the problem with wearing clothes that fit?? Nothing.

Author Eric Musgrave didn’t think so either; his coffee table book “Sharp Suits” will be available in the US next year, showcasing historical men’s fashions of the time- particularly the suit.  Brands including Ferragamo, Gucci, Chanel, and the like are whipping out those old sketches and putting a modern twist on the classic.  I say you take heed- there’s noting wrong with dressing for success.  Just make sure those tailored pants come long enough. ~ C.M.