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Tommy Hilfiger April 14, 2010

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There’s been a lot of talk over the years from African American’s who refuse to wear Tommy Hilfiger clothing; “it’s lame” “I only wear Polo”, blah blah blah.  These thoughts began in 1996; when outrage insued amoung the community because of comments Hilfiger made, surrounding the fact that the hip-hop community were draped in his garments.  Supposedly Hilfiger made the following comments on The Oprah show: “If I had known that African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians would buy my clothes, I would not have made them so nice….I wish those people would not buy my clothes; they were made for upper-class whites.”  Oprah then allegedly asked Hilfiger to leave her show. Right.  And that has been spinning on the rumor-mill and forwarded chain-letter emails for over a decade. 

Oprah addressed the allegations on a show and her website in 1999; stating Hilfiger never even appeared on her show and that she had never met him.  Hilfiger also stated on his site that he was “deeply upset that a malicious and completely false rumor continues to circulate” and he creates clothing ”for all different types of people regardless if their race, religious or cultural background”.  The Anti-Defamation League, who focuses on anti-Semitism and civil rights for all, got involved and conducted an investigation- finding that the alligations of Hilfiger making racial slurs were false.      

The fact is; Tommy still knows how to dress a man (and a woman for that matter), and apparently is still a hot commodity.  The PVH (Phillips-Van Heusan) Corp recently purchased the Hilfiger company from Apax Partners L.P. for 2.2 billion Euros, or $3 billion- with $137 million in liabilities.  Well dayam!

Peep these looks from Spring 2010- taking classic looks and adding a modern twist.  If you can’t appreciate, you should re-evaluate your style. ~ C.M. 


Yigal Azrouël March 9, 2010

After debuting in 1998, Isreal born-New York based designer Yigal Azrouël started showing at Fashion Week the following year.  As he should; his designs are beautiful- classic, yet modern and innovative.  His men’s Spring 2010 collection features loose threads, leather vests, and extraordinary jackets.  Gray colours and stripe-schemes hit the runway; making it easy to go from beach to street.

For Women’s Spring 2010, the garments were similar to that of the men’s in terms of design shapes and hue, but more feminine.  Where a jacket is considered baggy on a man, it drapes on a woman; trousers look like his and her’s, and some garments proved that less is more.  Swimwear were cohesive with the entire collection and perhaps the influence for some of the tops (see below).  The architectural structure of his boutique in the Meatpacking district is as intriguing as the garments.  See the entire collection at Yigal Azrouë       



Smooth Co. January 21, 2010

Everyone loves an effortless button-up in their wardrobe and The Smooth Company has produced some of my favorites.  Clean, relaxed looks walked the runways for Spring and Fall 2010; it’s only right to have something timeless in your closet, while adding a twist to shake things up.  That doesn’t mean pair a button-up with jeans, a fadora, and camel-pointed toed shoes (I’ve seen that way too many times)- how about a nice leather?  A hint of color? Skulls and bones need-not apply.  This Southern Cali based brand knows how to take it from the beach to the city without doing the most at a very affordble price. ~C.M.


Burberry Prorsum January 16, 2010

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Burberry Prorsum produced a delightful collection for Spring 2010; demure pastels, a trench for every look, and tops that resembled fashionable straitjackets.

The models creeped me out a bit (lol) but the garments made for a great distraction.  One of the trends spotted on the runway?  Prints.  Designers are going in on the print trend for men, the question is: will it be accepted?  Not by all, but those with confidence and are secure in their man-hood may just give it a try.

Matthew Willamson, who normally sticks to women’s wear; recently launched his new men’s wear collection, that was chuck-full of bright hues and printed scarves.  Alexander McQueen snuck a few into his spring collection as well- they’re everywhere.

Leopard print though? For da guys??  Hmmmm…. Hey, Burberry knows best. ~C.M.

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Oh These? They’re Evisu January 5, 2010

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Remember when Evisu first popped up on the scene? I think Busta Rhythms was the first celebrity I seen with a pair and from there, their roots were embedded into the “urban wear” category. Welp, not anymore. Originating in Japan, Scott Morrison (co-founder of Paper Denim & Cloth) is the new Global Chief Executive Officer of the denim line. Morrison has the vision to innovate the brand by incorporating its Japanese roots with a vintage American-classic look.

Steering clear of the “street-wear” appeal but not going toward the super tight skinny trend, the new line of men’s denim product has a more relaxed appeal. During the holiday season, Evisu released a small collection exclusively for Barney’s.

With this new direction, I’m wondering how well the brand will continue to do? Brands like Evisu, Red Monkey, and True Religion have become saturated with knock-offs. Some consumers I’ve encountered have said, “Why should I pay $300 for a pair of jeans, when the guy next to me paid $40 for his?” Knock-offs can be seen as a gift and a curse; those who want the jeans and can’t afford them have a chance to rock brand names, but those who love originals have to deal with seeing a fake in-front of their eyes who paid a third of the price. None-the-less, the new line of denim resembles that of Chip & Pepper and Paper Denim & Cloth…. and I like it. ~ C.M.


DSquared November 5, 2009

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DSquared Spring 2010-2

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For Spring 2010, those stylish twins at DSquared decided it was going to be nothing but hunky-geeks going fishing and camping for this season. Bright colors, thigh-high goulashes, and fishing lures were just a few accessories seen with-in the collection; and you can tell the duo had fun with it. Every model had on a pair of specks to make their vision complete, but these aren’t your average nerds; these guys have the gear to look good lake-side.

Denim, khakis, and camouflage were bottom choices; while tops were kept simple and loose with button-downs, t-shirts, jackets, and some without shirts (aaooww). Great boots too. Sticking with the show’s story, a few of the models had pocket squares and the signature DSquared bow-tie. Keeping with the trends, the Caten brothers stuck to clean looks with clothes that fit but were not cutting off circulation. (I have honestly, have always seen DSquared as somewhat “urban” because they steer-clear of the tight stuff)

I’m not sure which camping grounds these boys will be at, but even if the fish aren’t biting, the ladies will be!

DSquared Spring 2010

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DSquared Spring 2010-3

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Y-3 November 4, 2009

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Renowned designer Yohji Yamamoto gained his inspiration from soccer and the World Cup for Y-3, a collaboration with Adidas, Spring 2010 collection.  There were pieces representing Jamaicia, Japan, Brazil, and the like represented on the cat-walk .  Tailored jackets were paired with loose pants for both men and women; athletic wear with a twist.
Soccer balls and soccer cleats were a few of the props used, but the most important element that stood out to me were the netted pieces.  Using the “movement of the net after making a goal” (Yamamoto) as his fuel, Yamamoto draped some as dresses, scarves, and long tops. From the look of it at first, you may think, “fish-net?”, but it’s so much more.~C.M. young and modern line

Too see more of Yohji Yamamoto’s work, visit his website. Its beautiful artistry.

Y-3 Spring 2010 Y-3 Spring 2010-2