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A Clear View March 14, 2010

One of the trends for Spring 2010: lucid wear.  Designers are feeling transparent for Spring 2010; from head to toe literally.  Accessories from Patricia Von Musulin, Zac Posen and Sonia Rykiel trench coats, Fendi clutches, and Michael Kors pretty much dedicated his collection to the trend.  Kors has a pair of brogues I would kill for.   

Fendi Spring 2010

Fendi Spring 2010

 Does anyone else remember when this, then considered a “fad”, was in a few years ago?  Plastic-like shoes were everywhere; when one would sweat they would stick to your feet and they often would turn yellow.  Louis Vuitton even had those transparent hologram bags.  This time around, it seems designers have invested more time; we’ve come to the point where the contemporary and bridge lines are adapting ideas from better brands and making them… well, better.  (no pun intended)  Lucid-wear can be tricky and sometimes tacky, but these garments are far from a disaster.  We all know designers grab inspiration from what’s going on the world- could this “plastic” surge come from everyone clamoring to “Go Green”?  Who knows.  But I do know I’m not the only one asking how long this trend will last.     

Check out these other looks.   

Patricia Von Musulin Spring 2010 ring

Patricia Von Musulin 2010 bangles

Zac Posen Spring 2010

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2010

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2010



Versace Spring 2010

Versace Spring 2010


Versace Spring 2010

Michael Kors Spring

Michael Kors Spring

Michael Kors Spring


Prints for Chicks January 31, 2010

Okay, okay- the trend this year is prints, WE GET IT.  The only catch is that not every woman is meant to wear them and although designers are making beautiful garments that look perfect on the hanger, once it reaches the body….not so much.

Take this Just Cavalli, leopard print pencil skirt for example. Gorgeous. However, take a closer look at the stomach area:

To me, it is not flattering; imagine if you weren’t a size 2! The eye is drawn to her stomach.  And look from the back:

The seams are at a curve to go along with the frame of the body, however her bum looks like a square.  Now I’m not sure if that’s a personal problem, or if the skirt itself is just not flattering.  I’ll go with the latter.  The ruching and gathering in the front is distracting.  Pencil skirts are already shaky, but if you go with a printed number; make sure you choose wisely on the prints, where the pattern falls on the body, and the fit is right for your body type.

Another example of a printed beauty not meant for everyone: the Alexander McQueen silk chiffon dress below.  Paisley print strapless, pleated bodice, with an empire waist, interior hardware, padding, and boning for support in the bust. I love this dress; can see it flowing with the wind while walking.  But the model has a 24in waist and she looks slightly pregnant; that’s the problem with empire waists as well. Unless you’re as thin as a twig, I wouldn’t recommend this particular dress.

“S”-shaped silhouette dresses are (typically) ideal for all body types.  Beneath the A. McQueen is a floral Diane Von Furstenberg, strapless piece; and a striped, slightly pleated, high-waist Marc Jacobs skirt.  In my opinion, both can be worn to disguise those unwanted layers and create a silhouette.  Careful not to wear flats with these looks though; that could make some legs appear stubby.  ~C.M.



Burberry Prorsum January 16, 2010

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Burberry Prorsum produced a delightful collection for Spring 2010; demure pastels, a trench for every look, and tops that resembled fashionable straitjackets.

The models creeped me out a bit (lol) but the garments made for a great distraction.  One of the trends spotted on the runway?  Prints.  Designers are going in on the print trend for men, the question is: will it be accepted?  Not by all, but those with confidence and are secure in their man-hood may just give it a try.

Matthew Willamson, who normally sticks to women’s wear; recently launched his new men’s wear collection, that was chuck-full of bright hues and printed scarves.  Alexander McQueen snuck a few into his spring collection as well- they’re everywhere.

Leopard print though? For da guys??  Hmmmm…. Hey, Burberry knows best. ~C.M.

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reMade USA January 9, 2010

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As everyone continues to jump on the bandwagon of going green, designers are using more organic and eco-friendly materials.

Shannon Smith on the other hand has taken “recycling” to all new heights. Studying in New York and London, Smith became a creator of “physical objects” that people could admire and cherish. After purchasing a leather jacket at Salvation Army, Smith became obsessed with working with details of (leather) jackets and making them into bags. With that, reMade USA was born. San Fransisco based, Smith felt reMade should be produced locally and out of upcycled materials; “In the end, I am trying to lead a life of authenticity and responsibility, doing what I love and attempting to be as good as possible.”

Available in two collections: ready-to-wear and One-offs- limited editions bags that have their own serial number and exclusive appeal. Linings are made of vintage scarves and the option of creating your own bag with your own jacket and materials through special orders. Slight imperfections may be present, but that’s the beauty of it! ~ C.M.

reMade USA is now offered at Barney’s CO-OP and on their website

recycled leather jacket tote, also available in black $375


The Jumpsuit November 13, 2009

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Badgley Mischka

This year designers have been coming out with numerous variations of the jumpsuit, one piece. In the past, jumpsuits have been seen as catsuits and often times considered a fashion faux pas. However, times have changed- as well as fabrics and styles used to make these pieces.

Badgley Mischka had a few floating down their runway for Resort & Spring 2010, proving a jumpsuit can be elegant and sexy. With this trend, it’s all about the fabric and fit when choosing what looks best for you.

Bagdley Mischka Spring 2010

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Church’s Classic Burwood brogues November 12, 2009

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Churches Classic Burwood broguesChurch's Classic Burwood brogues 2

One trend I co-sign this year is the oxford.  Designers brought this trend back with a vengeance; even stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M have their own take on the classic.  Personally, I’ve had my eye on these Church’s Classic Burwood brogues in white.  Not one for white shoes but these are meaaaan.


Fendi Box Clutch November 10, 2009

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photo-1 I know I’ve been slipping on the daily updates, but things like school and a new job at Bloomingdale’s has pre-occupied my time.

However this Fendi box clutch made me take a break in-between classes and make a post!  With clutches and literal in-hand-bags becoming the trend of the time, Fendi puts their spin on the must-have item.  Made (in Italy) of acetate with a leather lining, hidden magnetic closure, and leather embroadered logo; this bag can go anywhere.  There’s also a chain-link shoulder strap that can be tucked away inside, or worn long like a flapper girl, giving this clutch an extra utility; the ability to be worn alone or inside of another, larger bag.

Available in six colors; solid for everyday and marbled acetate with python logo for your festive mood.  The bags remind me of little pieces of hard candy.  They also, somewhat resemble the Fendi clutches from many seasons ago that came with matching gloves.  Either way, I love.

photo 3-1photo 2-2photo 2photophoto 3