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Who Knew? March 5, 2010

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While I’m out and about, I like to take pics of things I find; the main reason why I created a blog.  I collect all these images, yet I never have anything to do with them. 

Any who; was walking in the mall passing Bakers and something caught my eye.  In the past my knowledge of Bakers has been vague, but I noticed they now carry more brands that one would find at say, a Macy’s.  The little lovely to the left; gray suede upper, cream leather- cross straps and flower applique, peep toe, with a zip closure in back was what made me actually walk into the store.  Guess what brand they were…. *drum roll*… Dereon.

That’s right.  I honestly couldn’t believe it myself. The ready-to-wear line created by Beyonce and her mother in 2006 has left me disappointed.  However after seeing this shoe I got to thinking; could they have gotten the hint? Did someone whisper something in their ears?  If that person was me I’d say: “Hey B, maybe instead of going the Baby Phat route, perhaps you should think Jessica Simpson-esque.”  This shoe seems to follow that path (only in this color-way unfortunately).  For about $80, you can have the look for less.  Let’s make a whole fit of it:


Pair with this sweater dress from Forever 21 for $20 and a sweet little cardigan- and you’ve got yourself a lovely, fresh spring look.  ~C.M.


New York Fashion Week March 4, 2010

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Please forgive me for the lack of posting, the month of February has been crazy; Fashion Week, Creative Lounge Chicago- a fashion showroom opening for local designers, and other events that have posts to follow. 

But to more pressing matters: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. 

Trust me, I did not have invitations to attend the shows- and to sneak in? Forget about it.  Security was so tight and the embarrassment of them asking “who are you” would dare not loom over my self-proclaimed-fame ego.  The buzz of people being pissed that one of the Jersey Shore girls crashed the Michael Kors show made it to The New York Times and was enough to let me know I’ll play the role as a spectator. 

However, this was the last year Fashion Week would be held at Bryant Park and I’d be a fool not to be there.  The atmosphere was intense: Chloe booties in sight, mink coats and shawls, attitudes exhumed from unapproachable journalists, top editors, and stylists.  Just being in the park or on 42nd-5th ave was enough to make you want to sell your soul for an invitation.  

 Thanks to we’ve had the opportunity to get runway access the past few months; however critics aren’t being so welcoming to designer’s Fall 2010 fashions.  Cathy Horne of The New York Times Fashion & Style section wrote that some of the designs arrived with low expectations.  Stating editors saw “a lack of fun” and a blogger received a FREE Dolce & Gabbana  fur jacket. 

Not sure if I embrace the fact that celebrity status is beginning to dwindle, or if I’m worried that there won’t be a dividend between whats real and what’s “reality”.  Marc Jacobs has even refused to invite celebs to his shows.  Uncouth women who have deemed themselves “Bad Girls” are considered something now, bloggers who have never sat through a journalism course are all of the sudden “writers”, and those who have never had a creative idea are stylists and fashion designers.  If you ask me: blame reality television.  Everyone has a chance to shine and make it.  And that brings me to my point; people who did not have invites were walking the park like they were indeed “somebody’s”- faux paparazzi were running each other over trying to get a pic of this ridiculous woman with a hot pink (appropriately) faux fur, tight liquid leggings, and a bleach blond wig.  All the while on the arm of a European-looking man who was dressed like a cowboy.  I literally seen them lurking the park to attract the on-looking cameras.

If there is one thing that could be done during the week, it was the site seeing.  Trying to catch a glimpse of celebrities (who were going in and out of the door around back, where no one but my friend Michelle and I thought to look for a while) and what they chose to put on to brave the snow.  THE most stylish people were waiting out front as well as tourists walking by asking, “what’s going on?”  It’s crazy, there were more men hanging around the park than I expected.  Very stylish men.  And many photographers.  I figured people would be there with photographers and they would be there to capture the moment, but I’m wondering if there were so many because of the blog and website boom.  Don’t fret- my week was still amazing; everyone from everywhere comes to the city, mingling was a no brainer.  Met some interesting people, including a photographer from London; Daniel Muhindi.  Check his site at  Getting into the shows may not have been a success this year, but trust- the goal is to have my little notepad, jotting down clever notes for an editorial for a publication next time around. ~C.M.     

Check out these views from the street





Bachelor Pad February 8, 2010

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As the men of today become metro, uber, and any kind of trendy-word-sexual; they are becoming more fashionable and…well… clean.  Let’s face it; women (and in other cases men) are easily offended if they visit a potential suitor’s house and it is foul in every sense of the word.  Today, designers turn to house-wear (and fragrance) to gain revenue they may loose in clothing sales.  Department stores offer home-goods, and with modern places like CB2, one can’t help but take pride in decorating a stylish home.  While I was in the Bloomingdale’s Home Store in Chicago, I thought I had died and gone to heaven-  I didn’t want to leave!  

I found a few items I wouldn’t mind seeing in my beaux’s abode:  

Alessi stainless steel Ba-Rock basket- don’t you love the name?  

Alessi condiment set 

 Lunt Silversmiths bamoo & leaf engraved aluminum coasters, Royal Palm collection  

Christofle martini glasses  

Sur Evolution leaf trays. These are my favorite- hand cut & molded from leather, made in Colombia.  


Maison Martin Margiela

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Martin Margiela is one of the fashion industry’s best kept secrets and slowly becoming one of my faves. Not only because we share the same birthday, but the fact that he’s so discrete; he’s never taken a photograph and stays behind the scenes at his fashion shows. Models float down the runway masked for his collection in 2009 and he’s created shades that look like they’ll censor out your entire face. Similar to what  those old ladies wear in Florida when there’s too much sun.

The Belgian fashion designer worked under the wing of Jean Paul Gaultier; later becoming creative director for Hermes women’s wear. (Excuse my PC, it doesn’t add accent marks) With that being said; Prada, Gucci, LV, and Ferragamo are not the only expensive footwear on the market fellas. Check out these; Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 high-top sneaker and loafer.


Betsy Johnson February 5, 2010

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I don’t know what it is about Betsy Johnson.  Maybe it’s that crazy look in her eye, or the fact that everything she does just seems so over-the-top for me; but anyone who knows me, knows I don’t care too much for her clothes.  However, I did come across a few pieces as of late that were pretty decent.  Don’t get me wrong, Johnson has done some things I like, but it’s either too juvenile or stripper-friendly.

Johnson’s been in the fashion industry for years, but it seems she made a huge BOOM, coming out of no where in the early 2000’s.  Her designs are recognizable because of the hot-pink and leopard signatures that appear in garments; either small or large, from garment tags to shoe bottoms.  Ms. Johnson also contributed to writer Carrie Borzillo’s “Cherry Bomb”- an essential guide to basically being an awesome chick.   Could this Cherry Intarsia dress to the left have be an inspiration to Betsy?

Here are a few more that caught my eye.  Seems a little prom/homecoming-ey, but you gotta love a strapless with a full skirt. ~C.M.

This is one of my faves.  Simple, but screams “fun night at a party”


Nike Foamposite February 4, 2010

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In 1999, Nike released the infamous Foamposite basketball sneaker to mixed reviews. Some hate it, while others love it. So now to come in 2010; the Copper editions. Wale has been spotted rockin’ them far in advance. Sneaker-heads are oogling on the internet for them; tweeting and blogging almost everyday until their release on February 13th. (Welp! As of February 4th, the latest news- there is no longer a release date for the highly anticipated sneaker.  NikeTown in Chicago says theirs will be released when they receive their full shipment. ~ edited Feb.4, 2010)

But of course there’s always a con (can’t always be bias) – there are men, actual basketball players who hate the shoe. I’ve had one of my friends who coaches ask me NOT to make this post, followed by an impromptu “yuck” when the shoe was mentioned. The new design does seem a bit more bulky than its predecessor; but the technology should still be as lightweight. (Personally I wouldn’t know, I’m a woman and have not owned a pair.)

Foamposite technology’s main ingredient: polyurethane. The poly helps to form and fit the grain of the foot, offering complete comfort and support. Original model came equip with a zipper front for stability- something like a glove. Similar to one of the original color-ways, the beginning of 2009 offered the Eggplant Foamposites.

While I was at Nike Town in Chicago, I paired these babies with a pair of sweats, a vest, and a hoodie- real casual. Post-ballin. Plus it’s cold in the Chi. I digress. The point I’m trying to make is; the Eggplants were suppose to be one of a kind and come forth in a time when classic b-ball shoes were missing; in an era of fakes and knock-offs. Now they are to be re-released in March, depleting the idea of exclusivity. Not to mention that gel bottom, I’ve owned many a Nike with a clear bottom and they always end up yellow. Personally, I think the shoe will still sell and you can guarantee the Coppers will be sold out. But I prefer the originals.  ~C.M.


Prints for Chicks January 31, 2010

Okay, okay- the trend this year is prints, WE GET IT.  The only catch is that not every woman is meant to wear them and although designers are making beautiful garments that look perfect on the hanger, once it reaches the body….not so much.

Take this Just Cavalli, leopard print pencil skirt for example. Gorgeous. However, take a closer look at the stomach area:

To me, it is not flattering; imagine if you weren’t a size 2! The eye is drawn to her stomach.  And look from the back:

The seams are at a curve to go along with the frame of the body, however her bum looks like a square.  Now I’m not sure if that’s a personal problem, or if the skirt itself is just not flattering.  I’ll go with the latter.  The ruching and gathering in the front is distracting.  Pencil skirts are already shaky, but if you go with a printed number; make sure you choose wisely on the prints, where the pattern falls on the body, and the fit is right for your body type.

Another example of a printed beauty not meant for everyone: the Alexander McQueen silk chiffon dress below.  Paisley print strapless, pleated bodice, with an empire waist, interior hardware, padding, and boning for support in the bust. I love this dress; can see it flowing with the wind while walking.  But the model has a 24in waist and she looks slightly pregnant; that’s the problem with empire waists as well. Unless you’re as thin as a twig, I wouldn’t recommend this particular dress.

“S”-shaped silhouette dresses are (typically) ideal for all body types.  Beneath the A. McQueen is a floral Diane Von Furstenberg, strapless piece; and a striped, slightly pleated, high-waist Marc Jacobs skirt.  In my opinion, both can be worn to disguise those unwanted layers and create a silhouette.  Careful not to wear flats with these looks though; that could make some legs appear stubby.  ~C.M.