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A Clear View March 14, 2010

One of the trends for Spring 2010: lucid wear.  Designers are feeling transparent for Spring 2010; from head to toe literally.  Accessories from Patricia Von Musulin, Zac Posen and Sonia Rykiel trench coats, Fendi clutches, and Michael Kors pretty much dedicated his collection to the trend.  Kors has a pair of brogues I would kill for.   

Fendi Spring 2010

Fendi Spring 2010

 Does anyone else remember when this, then considered a “fad”, was in a few years ago?  Plastic-like shoes were everywhere; when one would sweat they would stick to your feet and they often would turn yellow.  Louis Vuitton even had those transparent hologram bags.  This time around, it seems designers have invested more time; we’ve come to the point where the contemporary and bridge lines are adapting ideas from better brands and making them… well, better.  (no pun intended)  Lucid-wear can be tricky and sometimes tacky, but these garments are far from a disaster.  We all know designers grab inspiration from what’s going on the world- could this “plastic” surge come from everyone clamoring to “Go Green”?  Who knows.  But I do know I’m not the only one asking how long this trend will last.     

Check out these other looks.   

Patricia Von Musulin Spring 2010 ring

Patricia Von Musulin 2010 bangles

Zac Posen Spring 2010

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2010

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2010



Versace Spring 2010

Versace Spring 2010


Versace Spring 2010

Michael Kors Spring

Michael Kors Spring

Michael Kors Spring


Steven Shein March 10, 2010

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Los Angeles based, fashion accessories designer Steven Shein has become the new man I love in my life.  I just copped this bitten apple necklace in Chicago a little over a week ago and I can already picture what it will look like this summer.

There are so many pieces in his new collection that I want, I don’t even know which one to buy first!  I’m hoping they’ll say, “You know what, this chick’s buying maaad items, let’s cut her a deal.”  But I know that’d be wishful thinking *sigh*. 

I digress.  Steven Shein has been hunted down by the Hollywood glitterati; seen on everyone from Avril Lavigne to Mischa Barton and anyone in-between.  His line is considered “urban” (whatever that means), but  Shein just calls it “fresh”.  That it is- my apple necklace is sure to be ripe on these up-and-coming warm days. ~C.M. 

Peep these other pieces I’ve got my eye on.  There are a few more, but I can’t have you guys knowing all my moves.



Mini-phrase necklaces $39

“Money Over Bitches” ring $19

Peace on Earth ring $19

Mark Deco Bangle $45 



Jimmy Choo for H&M October 25, 2009

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Although this news is late (H&M released its collab idea this past summer) I didn’t have a blog and its still news!

Designer Jimmy Choo, best known for their infamous women’s shoes, is teaming up with the stylish Swedish retailer H&M.  Available November 14th in over 200 select stores, the brand will add a level of sophistication to the store’s presence.

Jimmy Choo launched his line in 1996 with British Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon and has been heavy on the London scene.  After this meeting with H&M, I can guarantee “Jimmy Choo” will become a house hold name, but in a good way.


Unlike its designer-brand collaboration with Roberto Cavalli, this is the first time H&M has worked with an accessories line.  The icing on top of the cake? Choo will not only bring women’s shoes, but will offer women’s clothing and accessories; as well as MEN’S shoes, bags, and accessories.  Sweet deal.


Photos via H&M