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Bachelor Pad February 8, 2010

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As the men of today become metro, uber, and any kind of trendy-word-sexual; they are becoming more fashionable and…well… clean.  Let’s face it; women (and in other cases men) are easily offended if they visit a potential suitor’s house and it is foul in every sense of the word.  Today, designers turn to house-wear (and fragrance) to gain revenue they may loose in clothing sales.  Department stores offer home-goods, and with modern places like CB2, one can’t help but take pride in decorating a stylish home.  While I was in the Bloomingdale’s Home Store in Chicago, I thought I had died and gone to heaven-  I didn’t want to leave!  

I found a few items I wouldn’t mind seeing in my beaux’s abode:  

Alessi stainless steel Ba-Rock basket- don’t you love the name?  

Alessi condiment set 

 Lunt Silversmiths bamoo & leaf engraved aluminum coasters, Royal Palm collection  

Christofle martini glasses  

Sur Evolution leaf trays. These are my favorite- hand cut & molded from leather, made in Colombia.  


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